Annular Eclipse Observed in Microwave

Nobeyama Solar Radio Observatory, NAOJ

On May 21[JST], 2012, the partial solar eclipse would be happened in Japan. And the “Annular Solar Eclipse” can be observed widely in the areas that south of Kyushu, south of Shikoku, south of Kinki, Chubu, and Kanto. We observed the annular solar eclipse by Nobeyama Radioheliograph.

Since it is impossible to make the microwave images of the annular eclipse using the normal synthesizing program of the Nobeyama Radioheliograph, we developed the special synthesizing program for the annular eclipse. We show the eclipse images that obtained from 22:04UT to 23:04UT, in the page. The microwave images of the Sun after 08:00UT are seen in the page of " 10 mins Movie page".

Eclipse Images analyzed by AIPS
22:44UT22:54UT23:04UT movie
Courtesy Stephen White, AFRL

Quicklook Images

Date: 31 May, 2012

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