Connection from Internet to the NSRO system through the VPN system of the SDAS

March 12th, 2014
Ver. 140312e

Our SSH gateway ( is closed on 31 March 2014. To connection from Internet to our data-analysis system, we provide you the VPN connection. The VPN system is the part of the Solar Data Analysis System (SDAS) that is operated by the Astronomy Data Center, the Hinode Science Center, the Solar Observatory and the Nobeyama Solar Radio Observatory of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. When you want to use our system from Internet through the SDAS-VPN connection, please carry out the follwoing procedure.

1: Get the account of the SDAS

When you use the VPN system of the SDAS, you need the account of the SDAS. The account of the SDAS is different from the account of the NSRO system. If you do not have the account of SDAS, please get the account of the SDAS from the following page first.

User Account Application of SDAS

2: Download of the VPN client

To connect the NSRO system through the VPN of the SDAS, you need to install the VPN client software to your PC. Please download the VPN client from the following links.

3: Install and Startup of the VPN client

Note: When you install the VPN client, you need to use the "root" account or the administrator account of your PC.

4: Connect to the NSRO servers

  1. Enter "", and click "connection"
  2. Enter user ID and password (*1) on "user authentication" screen.
  3. Open Terminal, and log in the IDL server "burst1" of the NSRO system using the following commands.
          ssh -X
  4. (*1) Please use the ID and password of the SDAS system. Do not use the ID and password of the NSRO system.
Note: You cannot login to sshsolar(burst4) from the SDAS-VPN system, because sshsolar is closed on 31 March, 2014.
If you have the questions about VPN, please send the mail to sysadm[_at_]

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