Papers of 2007

Refereed Journal


·         Loop top nonthermal emission sources associated with an over-the-limb flare observed with NoRH and RHESSI

   Asai, A., Nakajima, H., Oka, M., Nishida, K., Tanaka, Y. T..

Advances in Space Research, Vol. 39,  p.1398-1401.



·         Large-Amplitude Oscillation of an Erupting Filament as Seen in EUV , and Microwave Observations

Isobe, H., Tripathi, D., Asai, A., Jain, R.

Solar Physics,Vol. 246, p.89-99.


·         Turbulent propagation of high-energy electrons in a solar coronal loop

   Stepanov, A. V., Yokoyama, T., Shibasaki, K., Melnikov, V. F.

Astronomy and Astrophysics, Vol. 465, p. 613-619



Proceedings + Other


·         Evolution of Kernels and Energy Release in an X-Class Flare

      Asai, A., Yokoyama, T., Shimojo, M., Masuda, S., Shibata, K.

ASP Conf. Ser., 369 (New Solar Physics with Solar-B Mission).461


·         Particle Acceleration in the X3 Event on Dec. 13, 2007

   Shibasaki, K., Koshiishi, H., Shimojo, M., Minoshima, T., Imada, S., Sakao, T., Hinode team.

   American Astronomical Society Meeting 210. #94.35