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'SZ' data (sz00)

The files that contains information on ephemeris and valid antennas. (1) Ephemeris data: solar declination $\delta$ (in arc-degree), hour angle (in time-sec), apparent solar radius (in arc-sec), solar p-angle (in arc-degree), solar b-angle (in arc-degree) at JST noon for previous, present, next days. (2) Valid antenna: In the order of N01 - N28, E28 - E01, and W01 - W28. 0: use when synthesis, 1: unuse.

File name


Unit of storage

One file per one day


Anywhere. In NoRH archive, they are put under raw/steady. This file may be updated if some trouble on antennas is found later. In this case, the file will be put in data/sz_update.