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We thank the following people. SolarSoftware is a software package for analysis of Solar Data on IDL. That is supported under various NASA contracts (SXT/EIT/MDI/TRACE/YPOP etc.) and is all in the public domain. Yohkoh is an international project for solar observation by ISAS in Japan, NASA in the U. S. and SERC in the U. K. GOES data are supplied courtesy of NOAA/NGDC from The utility program C2FITS is developed by Dr. T. Bastian at NRAO and is improved by Dr. S. White (U. Maryland). The JavaScript program in our NoRH Web site is developed by Dr. D. Zarro at NASA/GSFC. IDL is a product by Research System Inc. We also thank Dr. S. Pohjolainen from HUT, Metsahovi Radio Observatory for reading and checking the manual.